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Sony PRS-505, eBook Library in Task manager, but no GUI

I have bought some ebooks for my PRS-505 with the Sony Software eBook Library.

Recently, I could not start the software any more. The process “ebook Library.exe” was shown in Task Manager, but the GUI was not there.


After some investigation I found this instructions at Sony:

    1. Click the Start button and click Computer .
    2. In the address bar, type C:\programdata and press Enter .
    3. In the ProgramData window, right-click the kinoma folder and click Delete .
    4. Right-click the Marlin folder and click Delete .
    5. In the address bar, click Local Disk C: , then open the Program Files folder.
    6. In the Program Files window, open the Sony folder.
    7. In the Sony window, right-click the Reader folder and click Delete .
    8. In the address bar, click Local Disk C: , then open the Users folder.
    9. In the Users window, open your username folder.
    10. In the username folder, open the AppData folder.
    11. In the AppData window, open the Local folder.
    12. In the Local folder, right-click the kinoma folder and click Delete .
    13. In the Local window, open the Sony Corporation folder.
    14. In the Sony Corporation window, right-click the eBook Library folder and click Delete .
    15. Close the Reader window and install the Reader software.

Source: http://www.kb.sony.com/selfservice/documentLink.do?externalId=C559635

Two things to consider before you start:

1. Uninstall the software first
2. Some folders are hidden, be sure that you enable Show hidden files.

For managing your ebooks I highly recommend calibre: http://calibre.kovidgoyal.net/

Ebook Reader Sony PRS-505

Since yesterday I own an ebook reader, the Sony PRS-505.
I tested it yesterday and found it extremely nice!

However, I had an issue with authorizing the reader, so I could not view bought books which were secured with DRM.
I got a “Site not found” error when I connected the device to my PC and said yes when the software asked me to activate.

But I was able to authorize my reader on the “my account “ site:


Until now, I like the device, already grabbed some Jules Verne books from google which have been optimized for the PRS-505 in epub format.

Much reading to be done now :)